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Nate Berkus Office at Target

Obsession with Nate Berkus Office

  “Maybe it’s because I didn’t live on campus during my years at American ?” This is what I told my husband today as I showed him my new items from Nate Berkus’ adorable collection of office supplies from Target. I went to Target for TP and paper towels. 45 minutes and a full cart later, I managed to purchase a…

New Rug for the Apartment

I finally got an area rug for the living room. It’s a SURYA rug from a past collection called Forum. I’m really pleased with it. The only downfall is that my puppy loves to play on it, and she keeps lifting up the fibers.

Decorating the Apartment Continues

I’m the type of person that moves into an apartment and is done moving the same day. When I moved to Dupont Circle I remember having it all set up by midnight. I have panic attacks when I see boxes lurking in corners gathering dust. Well, we’ve been in Miami for about two months now and our apartment is still…