Obsession with Nate Berkus Office

Nate Berkus Office at Target


“Maybe it’s because I didn’t live on campus during my years at American ?”

This is what I told my husband today as I showed him my new items from Nate Berkus’ adorable collection of office supplies from Target.

I went to Target for TP and paper towels. 45 minutes and a full cart later, I managed to purchase a stapler, calendar, arrow shaped thumbtacks, an insanely cute desk organizer, and off white ceramic scissors. I had to hold back from getting a thousand more things.

There is something about having a desk full pretty objects. I’m 99% sure I have OCD with office supplies. I thought I had kept my obsession of office supplies under lock down until my husband noticed that I had 50 pens stored in various zip lock bags. “Hey babe, what are you doing with all of these pens?” Yikes. Secret’s out.

I know I’m not the only one out there with this problem. It doesn’t help that it is “Back to School” time and office supplies and stationary are up front and center like shiny gems.

Go ahead. Take a look “Nate Berkus Office”.  You’ll thank me later.


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